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Craig attended Utah State University, studying under Glen Edwards and John Anderson. During his college years he worked for art studio Winborg and Winborg and studied under Larry Winborg. Forming his own art studio, Fetz Designs, in 1976 Craig has since produced illustrations for numerous accounts. He has also been a member  of the Society of Illustrators, New York.

The unique challenges and skills of design for apparel were acquired as an illustrator during a long relationship with SDI Sportswear in Salt Lake City, a leader in the industry of apparel design. Craig has produced apparel graphics and apparel program development for numerous retailers throughout North America.


Craig has designed and built over 300 projects throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Estonia, and Russia. Retail design, fixture design, construction management, site selection, signage and point of purchase all coordinated to create a visual identity and branding.

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